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Hieronim Piotr Janecki in Polish Science Databasis -  OPI

BORN.   in  Wola Kleszczowa 


1958 - 1965
Primary school
in  Widawa Widawa1

1965 - 1969            Secondary school   Liceum  Łask

1969 - 1974             Silesian University Politechnika Śląska Gliwice

1974 Diploma:  M. Sc.  in Chemical Technology "The searching of the reactivity of some hexenes in the presence of catalytic agents"   Ni- Al2O3  -SiO2 "- "  with truly help  dr A Lachowicz and  Prof M. Taniewski, and after discussions with  Dr hab. M Otręba,

1989            Ph D "The influence of some ferrocene derivatives on tribological behavior of friction compositions"  Nuclear Chemistry Institute in Warsaw   PhD Supervisor  Doc Dr L. Waliś

professional history:

1974 - 1975            Nitrogen Works  in Chorzów  Technologist  (recycling of bi-carboxyl acids) Nitrogen acid ludges

1975 - 1976              Nitrogen Works  in Chorzów (Technology of halfcoke) in  Bytom Coal Mine Dymitroff -Technologist

1976 - 1977            TU Kielce  (Lubricant Oils Analysis)

1977 - 1978            TU Kielce   (The Institute of mechanics) research asistent. "The optimization of carboxyl acids reactions in the presence
         of    peroxides" 

1978 - 1982             Faculty of Material Science and Footwear Technology - research asistent

             Ferrocene derivatives, Environmental friendly additives.   New synthetic coolants for metal finishing

1978 - 1988     Co-operation with  "IBJ Świerk Institute" department II in Warsaw.  "The behavior of ferrocene derivatives in testing friction conditions in the presence of isotopes S35 and Fe59"

1982- 1989    Radom Engineering School -  research assistant

Since 1989            senior tutor Faculty of Material Science and Footwear Technology  Department of Material science

1989 - 1992           Institute's Director Deputy in the Material Science Department, Radom Engineering School (now: Radom Technical University)

1991 - 1992            Course postgrgraduate NOT / NIF "Cleaner Production Advisor" (CP-Advisor) "Ekspert - Wasteminimisation "

1991 - 1992            Course Postgraduate University of Paisley-8 weeks, University of  Barcelona-4 weeks, Dortmund University-ISAS , Uni-Dortmund-4 weeks  TEMPUS JEP 2366 Environmental Protection trough Analytical Science (Ochrona środowiska przez wiedzę analityczną) 

1994 -  2011             Chemistry Teacher (Ger-Pl bilingual system) at Kochanowski High School in Radom   Well

1999              Weiterbildungskurs Dialog Institut Kassel

2002 - - from 1.04.02 - supervisor of the Computer-Aided Chemistry Laboratory, in the Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Material Science and Footwear Technology, TU Radom


1974 Master of Science in Engineering, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice

1989 Philosophiae Doctorate in Chemical Studies, The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw

1992 "Project Expert", Professional Development Certificate (PDC) in Environmental Management and Cleaner Production in Industry -Oslo-Warsaw-May-1992 NIF-NOT CP Center" NIF-NOT CP Center

1992 Certificate Universitat de Barcelona Department de Quimica Analitica-training period in Faculty of Chemistry

1994 Certificate University of Paisley-training Period in Paisley     loock   Paisley Campus Uniwersity of West Scotland

1999     Zeugnis - für bilinguale Lehren Dialoginstitut Kassel

Publications:  details

            Scientific Publications:                                               15 
Conferences   :                                                             29 
Industrial Projects and implementations:                 15 
Waste minimization Projects:                                    14 

Patents:                                                                         3

Visiting Professor, based on SOCRATES Mobility Grant:
 - 2001     - June "Tribochemistry" in Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 
Chair "Surface   Technology"                     Merseburg   Example 1
 - 2001     - June/July  "Tribochemistry" Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg Fakultät für Maschinenbau
 - 2002   -- June "Tribochemistry" in Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 
Chair "Surface Technology"                     Merseburg    Example2    Example3 
- 2003 -- June     in Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 
Chair "Surface Technology"  "Modelierung im Bereich geschmierten Systemen"  

-2004 - June      in Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg  Chair "Surface Technology" in frames Socrates mobility  Charakterisierung des Ausgangszustandes von Oberflächen und von tribologisch beanspruchten Oberflächen in Anwesenheit von Ferrocenderivaten    

2005 -  June   in Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg  Chair "Surface Technology" in frames Socrates mobility Tribochemie

2007 - June  In Chair of Organic Technology Professor Jolanta Liesienne  "Spreadsheets in my live and work" in Kaunas University of Technology
2007 - June  In Chair of Organic Technology Professor Jolanta Liesienne  "Spreadsheets in my live and work" in Kaunas University of Technology

Invited Lectures: 2005    Ferrocene Derivatives in Boundary Lubrication.  in Kaunas with Telekonference ppt file     Janecki Hieronim ppt file       with discussion

Hot Publications :2006 Tribology Letters

  Books Books Published:
 Wspomaganie Komputerowe w Chemii (Computer-Aided Chemistry) TU Radom 1988 script No 21
Technologie Informacyjne (Information Technology) TU Radom 2009 ISBN 978-83-7351-327-3,
Modelowanie Procesów Technologicznych ISBN 978-83-7351-428-7,  
 Informatyka i komputerowe wspomaganie prac inzynierskich ISBN978-83-7351-495-0 - 2012,
 Chemia Warstw wierzchnich w Tribologii ISBN 
978-0-9961021-9-3 LCCN 2016932960 1st edition: published by Æ Academic Publishing 2015                                  

scientific grants TU Radom :
1. Ocena wpływu wybranych ciekłych środków smarowych na modyfikację powierzchni tarcia” kierownik pracy 963/04/P rok1991/1994
2. Praca Badawcza - Badania podstawowe i symulacyjne nad reakcjami chemicznymi” kierownik pracy 1356/04/B, 1995/1998,
 3. Praca Badawcza - Wpływ środowiska na kształtowanie warstwy wierzchniej w warunkach modelowych i rzeczywistych kierownik pracy 902/04/B 1991/1995

Participation in scientific grants:    1998 - 2001 "Searching for possible magnetic active metallorganic systems" in Prof Burcan's Grant     TU Łódź  distinguish with 1 & 2 loook g1c & g2c

Proposal for FP7 Specific Programme "Cooperation"