The  Day  After  No. 348 - Mollier Chart

M. Janecka H. P. Janecki Chrobrego 27 26-600 TU Radom Pl  


Searching the Web as panacea for something special  and other wide problems. 

e.g Mollier Chart

Problem set: We need Mollier Chart to solve the problems in our project.
But we have only our PC connected to the Internet.

Let's go:

Question No 1:    H2O + CO2 Mollier chart Answer1

Now we have an idea what Mollier chart is

May be someone have prepared something like Mollier chart and put it to his Syllabus in WWW

Question No 2:       H2O + CO2 Mollier chart filetype:xls 

                        Answer2 nothig

Question No 3:    Mollier chart filetype:xls Answer 3

Especially this one link could be hot: 

Now we will try to change the address in address field to : 

and try listen all cool links and spreadsheets!!!!

All the best in session